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Before you sell, donate,  give away, or discard your old computer, consider what you may be leaving behind with it.   The data.   Hard drive data retrieval is fairly simple to do.  Passwords won't keep people out, or at least not me.   I can recover deleted files,  formatted drives,  damaged data pretty good.   Without taking the proper steps to destroy your data,  it is recoverable.   The easiest,  least time consuming and least expensive way is to remove the hard drive from the computer,  set it on a hard surface like concrete,  put on some safety glasses,  get a hammer,  and beat it repeatedly.   If you want to sell it,  give it away,  donate it,  etc, and still have a whole computer,  you need to completely and thoroughly wipe the data from the physical hard drive.  This can only be done with repeated writes over and over and over again.   This is a relatively inexpensive service we offer.   $35.00 per computer.   The process can take many hours,  but you will be left with the peace of mind knowing that the data is not going to be found and recovered by anyone. Not even me.

The process is pretty painless.   Most of the pain is on us.  Drop off the computer,  and we will DOD (Department Of Defense) compliant wipe the hard drives.   This can take at least 24 hours.  Some larger drives can take up to two days of constant writing to the hard drive to finish 7 passes of complete rewrites.  When we are done,  the drive will be completely clean of your data history,  and those that want to tackle the task of data recovery will not be able to find anything large enough to reassemble into any kind of useful knowledge.   We will give you a call when the machine has finished its task.  

Note:   Sometimes during the repeated wiping of older drives,  they have been known to fail....permanently.   This is singlehandedly the most active period of time your computer hard drive will ever experience.   In the event of a failure,  the drive will be completely useless and can now be hit repeatedly with a hammer.   There will not be a charge for the wiping if the drive dies during data destruction.   My fee will be the physical destruction of the hard drive with my own hammer. :)

Data Destruction Per Computer:   $35.00 (Minimum of 24 hour turnaround depending on drive size.)

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